July 11, 2022
9:30 pm
Porto Azzurro

Natalia Kawalek, vocal

Stan Plewniak, vocal

The FeelHarmony band

Stefan Plewniak, leader

Stevie Wonder – Dancing to the Rhythm
Sinatra – My Way
New York New York Fly
Me To The Moon
Earth Wind and Fire – September
Bee Gees – How deep is your love
Come Fly With Me
Bruno Mars – Uptown funk
Beyonce – Life on Top
Edith Piaf – La vie en rose
Gangnam Style
Prince – Purple Rain
Lady is a Trump
Meglio sta sera

Swinging Generation is a celebration of the epic swing and classical pop  compositions, arranged in subtile and refine way.

Certain artists push boundaries and challenge conventions, searching for new values, despite the common thinking about the classical and popular music.

The FeelHarmony would like to presents the project between classical and pop music.

The fusion of different music stiles is exciting. Collaborations between classical and pop performers.

The FeelHarmony with their dynamic string, rhythmic and wind sections, brings full, and rich freshness to each of the chosen pieces. „We want to focus on finding a different color and sound quality which will bring a new value to the existing compositions. ”

„Dramaturgy, tempo, and climax of the show are some of the essential elements of our productions.” That’s why we take care of the set up on stage, liberty of expression – playing by heart, reinforcing the passionate moments in music to give the public feeling of continuity, and feeling of one big line of the show from it’s start to the end.

For our program, we have chose epic pieces of Stivie Wonder, Sinatra, Bee Gees, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Stan Plewniak, Mancini, and many more from the popular singers of our times. Those artists search for their inspiration deeply in the roots of classical music, widely using the classical strings and winds instruments in their songs, making them sound rich, and unforgettable.

We are excited to present you our Swinging Generation